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We currently offer monthly, annual, and 24-month billing cycles. If you are interested in pre-paying, open a support ticket and we can accommodate you. When you sign up, your first invoice is pro-rated until the end of the month. After that, your subscription is automatically renewed on the first of each month (for annual accounts, on the anniversary of your first full month).

若非注明,本博客内容均为原创或翻译自Linode Library,教程默认Centos为linux发行版,转载请注明转自linode中文教程www.linode.im。linode中文教程QQ群:185393826,一起讨论linode及linux,linode中文教程、linode代购、linode合租、linode推介、linode返佣、linode优惠。日本VPS、美国VPS、海外独立服务器代购均在linode.im。

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