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Linode VPS好上手吗?我是新手

如果没有一点点linux基础,我是新手,但是又想用Linode咋办?linode除了技术力量过硬以外,提供了很好的在线文档供查阅。即使您是新手,如果有足够的耐心,加上CET4的英文水平,多看看linode library,一样可以像我一样搭建网站。

http://library.linode.com/ 这里有如何开始使用linode,新手指导,linode平台, LAMP/LNPM环境搭建,linux工具,linux安全,控制面板安装,应用程序安装等等基础教程。

If you’re looking to learn, there is no better environment. Experiment with the different Linux flavors, redeploy from scratch in a matter of minutes. We have a growing collection of tutorials, how-tos and articles located in the Linode Library. Our community is a great place to get a helping hand. Also, the LPM makes it easy to deploy a fresh installation, so experimentation is encouraged.

若非注明,本博客内容均为原创或翻译自Linode Library,教程默认Centos为linux发行版,转载请注明转自linode中文教程www.linode.im。linode中文教程QQ群:185393826,一起讨论linode及linux,linode中文教程、linode代购、linode合租、linode推介、linode返佣、linode优惠。日本VPS、美国VPS、海外独立服务器代购均在linode.im。

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