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I recently noticed that you currently have Linodes in our Tokyo 1 data center. I wanted to reach out to you and discuss moving these Linodes over to Tokyo 2. Moving to Tokyo 2 will both improve performance for your Linode and help you stay ahead of XSA reboots or scheduled migrations. I’d like to be proactive as possible to help prevent unexpected or inconveniently scheduled downtime for you in the future.

Our Tokyo 2 data center has KVM hosts available, whereas Tokyo 1 only has Xen hosts. KVM provides stability and performance improvements over Xen, and does not require the same frequent reboots for XSA that Xen does.

In addition, our Tokyo 2 data center has been consistently improving. I see that you currently have Linodes in our Tokyo 2 data center already. Can I help in moving over your other Tokyo Linodes as well?

Our Tokyo 1 data center will be closed in the near future although we don’t have an ETA just yet. As you’ve been with Linode for some time now I wanted to help you get ahead of it and work with you personally on a time frame that’s best for you.

We can configure migrations for them in groups or individually if you’d like, or whatever’s most convenient for you. I’d like to set a goal of 3-4 weeks from now for completing all of these migrations if possible.

If you have any questions, or would like to get started, just let me know and we can go from there.

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