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linode西部数据中心将引来升级/fremont将逐步升级到新的数据中心Santa Clara

We have some exciting news! We are upgrading to a new data center located in Santa Clara. As of this week, all new services deployed in the US-WEST region will be deployed in the Santa Clara facility. During the transition to the new data center, Cloud Manager will continue to display all services as being in Fremont.

We are targeting April for a completion date, and we expect to be able to seamlessly migrate your services in the Fremont data center to the new data center once it is ready. In the event that these migrations require any downtime, or any action is required on your part, we will notify you in advance via Support Ticket.

linode西部数据中心将引来升级/fremont将逐步升级到新的数据中心Santa Clara,迁移工作预计在4月份完成。

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