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linode续费的时候信用卡无效提醒邮件如下,遇到这种情况linode无法续费怎么办?可以找http://www.yiqingfeng.net即yqf.me老易我代购linode。最最好的方法是将你的linode vps过户到我的linode总账户下,可以享受linode流量共享,分担下被攻击流量超量的风险,当然今后linode续费直接找我即可。

Hello –

Your Linode account currently has a past due balance. We attempted to process payment, but your credit card issuer declined the transaction. For the time being, your Linode(s) are still running; however we require the balance to be paid before May 10th or your account will be suspended. You can update your credit card here: https://manager.linode.com/account/creditcard

Once you have verified that your credit card information is up to date, you can submit payment using this form: https://manager.linode.com/account/make_a_payment

Please note that some banks have started requiring the CVV code for online transactions. You may attempt to submit payment with the CVV code using the above form.

Thank you for using Linode!

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