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Linode.com: Payment Receipt [1279860]

Company Name: xxx xxxfeng
Payment Number: 1279860
Payment Date: June 02, 2012
Payment Card: xxxx Exp: 6/15

This is your receipt of payment against your credit card in the
amount of $19.29.

Thank you.

Please note that charges will appear as “Linode.com” on your
credit card’s statement.

For account information and current balance, please visit the
Linode Manager at https://manager.linode.com/

If you have any questions or concerns, please open a support ticket.


The Linode Team

http://www.linode.com/ – Linux Virtual Private Servers


Linode.com – Invoice [1475183]

Invoice Number: 1475183
Invoice Date: June 02, 2012
Invoice To: xxx xxxxx

Description                                   From           To    Setup    Price
[208016] linodexxxx – Linode 512      2012-06-02 – 2012-06-30    $0.00   $19.29
Previous Balance                                                            $0.00

Total Due: $19.29

Thank you for your order!

If you are paying via credit card, you should receive a receipt of payment
email within 24 hours.  If you do not receive your receipt, please verify
your credit card information on the Account tab of the Linode Manager. We
accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

To update your credit card information or view your current balance online,
please log into the Linode Manager: https://manager.linode.com/

If payment is not received after 10 days, your account may be disabled.
Please keep your billing information up to date to ensure uninterrupted

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact: [email protected]

Thank you,
The Linode Team


Linode Account Activation

Welcome to Linode!

Your Linode account has been activated.  Please log into the Linode Manager to get started:


Follow our getting started guide and other great documentation here:


Don’t forget to register for our forums, and visit our IRC chat channel:


Thank you for your business.

The Linode Team

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