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注意,linode退款,小额度是不退还到信用卡的。前几天帮一个网友把linode vps退了,退的时候,显示可以有1.29美金可退。结果几天过去了,信用卡还是没有收到退款,今天发了个ticket,问题解决了,不退还到信用卡,可以退还到linode帐号,算返还信用,可以用返还的信用继续用linode的服务。

> I haven't receive $1.29 yet,
> pls check.
> thx. 


Thank you for contacting us. Credit card refunds incur a $5.00 refund processing fee, so we're unable to refund amounts this small. If you like, we can reopen your account and the $1.29 can remain on your account as a credit. If you decide to add a new Linode in the future, this $1.29 can be used toward its purchase. Would you like for us to do that for you? If so, please provide the following account information and we'll reopen your account:

Account holder's full name.
Full street address.
Last 6 digits of credit card number.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
Linode.com Support

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