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linode CPU超标邮件提醒Linode Alert – CPU Usage

• Alert_cpu_threshold must be between 0 and 400.


Your Linode, xxx, has exceeded the notification threshold (200) for CPU Usage by averaging 210.9% for the last 2 hours. The dashboard for this Linode is located at: <https://manager.linode.com/linodes/dashboard/CentOS>

This is an automated message, please do not respond to this email.  If you have questions, please open a support ticket.

You can view or change your alert thresholds under the “Settings” tab of the Linode Manager.

This is not meant as a warning or a representation that you are misusing your resources.  We encourage you to modify the thresholds based on your own individual needs.

You may access the members’ site at <https://manager.linode.com/>.

Linode: linodexxxxx


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