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Require an additional IPv4 address for SSL

Now my website which is “tmall.kidsgoodbuy.com ” will be a B2C online shopping mall,

I need a ssl for its security, so I want to require an additional IPv4 address for it,Can I ?

Thank you very much and hoping for your answer!



I have increased your IP limit to a total of 2. You may now order another IP from the Extras tab in the Linode Manager.

You will need to reboot your Linode so that our back-end systems can configure the routing for your new IP. Additionally, you will need to configure your IPs statically as only one IP can be configured through DHCP. We have instructions for configuring static IPs in the Linode Library:


We do ask that you have an SSL certificate installed on each of your IP addresses within 14 days of making the request. At that time, we will perform an audit to confirm that you have a valid, unique SSL certificate installed on each of your IPs. Please update this ticket when you have your SSL certificates in place.

Please let us know if you need additional assistance.


It appears that you have not bought an extra IP address yet. Are you still planning on doing so? If not, your IP limit be lowered to the default value.

Thanks in advance.



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