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linode西部数据中心将引来升级/fremont将逐步升级到新的数据中心Santa Clara

March 9th, 2023 No comments

We have some exciting news! We are upgrading to a new data center located in Santa Clara. As of this week, all new services deployed in the US-WEST region will be deployed in the Santa Clara facility. During the transition to the new data center, Cloud Manager will continue to display all services as being in Fremont.

We are targeting April for a completion date, and we expect to be able to seamlessly migrate your services in the Fremont data center to the new data center once it is ready. In the event that these migrations require any downtime, or any action is required on your part, we will notify you in advance via Support Ticket.

linode西部数据中心将引来升级/fremont将逐步升级到新的数据中心Santa Clara,迁移工作预计在4月份完成。

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更新一下linode 11个数据中心测速地址以及对应的linode数据中心演示IP

November 29th, 2019 1 comment

linode虽然没有以前优秀了,一方面是同行的崛起,另一方面是linode本身已经足够优秀,要想在自身本来很优秀的基础上继续发展,本身也是不容易的一件事。易秋网络老易很久也没有更新关于linode的东西了,不过一直在代购linode,今天抽空更新一下linode 11个数据中心测速地址以及对应的linode数据中心演示IP。


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May 6th, 2019 No comments


We hope you’re doing well! We are reaching out to inform you that on June 8th, 2019, we will begin migrating Linodes from our Tokyo 1 data center to our Tokyo 2 data center. Here’s a summary of how this will affect you:

  • Your IPs will change and you can view your new IPs from the Remote Access tab of your Linode’s Dashboard within the Classic Manager[1].
  • Your migration dates and times are available in the Classic Manager and they cannot be delayed. You can start your migration early by clicking on the “Enter the Migration Queue NOW” button on the Linode’s Dashboard.
  • Your existing Backups will be deleted. New Backups will be taken in Tokyo 2.
  • Your Linode(s) will experience downtime of 5-10 minutes per GB of data.

We are migrating Linodes out of our Tokyo 1 data center in advance of the data center being decommissioned. To help ease this transition, we’ve applied a credit to your account equal to one month of service for each of your Tokyo 1 Linodes. We strongly recommend you review our Tokyo 2 Migration doc[2] to help you prepare for this transition.

When your Linode(s) migrates, it will be cleanly shut down and migrated to our Tokyo 2 data center. If you initiated the migration manually, your Linode(s) will be returned to its previous state (running or powered off). You can monitor your position in the migration queue from your Linode’s Dashboard.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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March 19th, 2019 No comments



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March 6th, 2019 No comments

Dedicated instances are optimized for workloads where consistent performance is required or where full-duty work (100% CPU all day, every day) needs doing. This includes build boxes, CI/CD, video encoding, machine learning, game servers, databases, data mining, and busy application servers.

The underlying CPU resources for these instances are dedicated and shared with no one else. A Dedicated Linode’s vCPU threads are assigned exclusively to cores and SMT threads on the hypervisor, and there is no sharing or competing for these resources with other Linodes.



March 5th, 2019 No comments

前几天发过美国堪萨斯特价机, 可以参考
WH独服/wholesaleinternet/便宜独服/10美金1月/atom/100M带宽/不限流量/1IP/服务器测评 ,今天干脆把所有机型全部列出来。大概有60几款机型。其实一共就3种,1种是,100M独享,不限流量;第2种是G口带宽,100TB流量限制,不过可以额外付费升级成不限流量,比如升级成200TB流量1月,额外1月给700元即可,如果要升级成G口不限流量,额外给1050元即可;还有一种是10G口,默认100TB流量,一样可以额外付费700元升级成200TB流量1月,或者额外付费1050元升级成不限流量。系统的话,常用的系统都支持,比如centos 6.x 64bit,centos 7.x 64bit,debian,ubuntu,或者windows 2008R2/windows 2012R2等。

为啥wh服务器,而且是独立服务器这么便宜呢,没啥原因,他家定位就是走低价实惠,同样的机器,同样的硬件,要比美国KT便宜至少1半,其实wh的线路也还凑合。因为wh官方是随机有货的,有时候有货,有时候无货, 需要美国wh特价服务器的朋友, 建议先联系老易QQ:465793847



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