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We hope you’re doing well! We are reaching out to inform you that on June 8th, 2019, we will begin migrating Linodes from our Tokyo 1 data center to our Tokyo 2 data center. Here’s a summary of how this will affect you:

  • Your IPs will change and you can view your new IPs from the Remote Access tab of your Linode’s Dashboard within the Classic Manager[1].
  • Your migration dates and times are available in the Classic Manager and they cannot be delayed. You can start your migration early by clicking on the “Enter the Migration Queue NOW” button on the Linode’s Dashboard.
  • Your existing Backups will be deleted. New Backups will be taken in Tokyo 2.
  • Your Linode(s) will experience downtime of 5-10 minutes per GB of data.

We are migrating Linodes out of our Tokyo 1 data center in advance of the data center being decommissioned. To help ease this transition, we’ve applied a credit to your account equal to one month of service for each of your Tokyo 1 Linodes. We strongly recommend you review our Tokyo 2 Migration doc[2] to help you prepare for this transition.

When your Linode(s) migrates, it will be cleanly shut down and migrated to our Tokyo 2 data center. If you initiated the migration manually, your Linode(s) will be returned to its previous state (running or powered off). You can monitor your position in the migration queue from your Linode’s Dashboard.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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